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Bartop of fame

Welcome to the “Bartop of Fame”, celebrating past Caesar Week winners

These establishments earned to most votes to be crowned the “best Caesar” in their respective cities. From unique ingredients to creative garnishes, the bartenders of winning establishments have pushed the limits of what a Caesar can be in honour of our national cocktail.

Join us as we revisit the past winners of Caesar Week and get inspired for future masterpiece Caesars.

2023 Caesar Week Winners


Codo Agave Social House

Codo Agave Mole Caesar


West Coast Grill

West Coast Grand Caesar


The Wood Tavern

Backyard BBQ

2022 Caesar Week Winners


Two Rivers Distillery

Jalapeno Caesar


Tonic Pub & Grill

The snack Caesar


Smokin’ Aces

The Smokin Caesar

2021 Caesar Week Winners


The Wooden Tavern winning caesar for 2022

The Wood Tavern

The Smokey St B Caesar